How to choose your motor oil?

This depends on various aspects:

1. First always check the vehicle’s handbook.

2. Always make sure that it corresponds to the international standards whether it is API (American Standards)/ ACEA(European Union Standards)/ JASO (Japanese Standards).

3. Check the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specification. For example If we take Volkswagen (VW), one of its OEMs is VW 505 00 or VW 502 or in the case of a Mercedes Benz (MB) an OEM can be MB 229.1, etc

4. Depends on the pump design regarding viscosity.

5. Depends on the brand of the manufacturer.

6. Depends on the age of the car (If the car is new please apply all the recommendations of the handbook).

7. Check if the vehicle works on gasoline or diesel.

8. For more questions, please ask the main distributor in Egypt for further details.